System Halal


Halal means what is acceptable and in accordance with the Islamic law. The Halal System is a standard of nutrition law for all Muslim believers, based on the principles of the religious law, Shariah, as well as technical and formal requirements resulting from current food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical production procedures.

Halal System can be implemented only to those products, whose ingredients are allowed in the religion of Islam, and their origin is not objectionable.

The Halal Certificate provides the confirmation of product’s compliance with the principles of the religion of Islam.

The Halal Certificate confirms the product’s compliance with the Islamic principles. The certificate issued by the Muslim Religious Union in Poland guarantees that the composition of the product and the way it is manufactured and stored is in accordance with the Muslim law.

Attestations and certificates of the Halal System are signed by Tomasz Miśkiewicz, Mufti of Poland and Chairman of the Highest Board of  Muslim Religious Union in Poland.

The implementation of the Halal System and the issue of relevant documents are preceded by two steps: documentation audit and production audit.

Please contact us to receive more details about the certification procedures.